"Since I am a golf beginner, having the GRIPIN to practice on my swing everyday is amazing."


"To shave some strokes from my game, improving my swing is the key and this practice net is the best way to do it and it does not invade my garage space."

Dave A.

"Finally a device that does not take space in my garage. During the past years it was always a dilemma of either having my practice net or the car in the garage. Now I can have both... fantastic!"


"With the GRIPIN I can practice my swing on a regular basis using real golf balls without leaving my house."

Dennis Murphy

"No one can ever master golf, however having this amazing product helps me to practice my swing and get closer to it... lol."


"Teaching my children how to golf was a challenge but having the GRIPIN at home makes it safe and easy."

Sandra L

"This retractable net is great and I can play whenever I feel like it... Mother Nature does not have to decide for me!"

Steve W.

"I love the GRIPIN because I can save time and money, I don’t have to drive to the practice range and buy a bucket of balls."

Rob Donalli

"I am a mom of three kids and having the instructor come to the house is a great time saver, and less hassle. I don’t have to load the golf bag into the van and wait for the lesson to be over. The GRIPIN was my best investment."


"Hi, my name is Rudy and the reason why I got this practice net is because it allows me to practice at night. My schedule does not allow me to practice during the day time."


"As a good Dad, I tried unsuccessfully to get my 2 daughters to come with me to the range and teach them Golf. I have to say that the Gripin helped me in this task and that we are now enjoying practicing together."


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