The GRIPIN (Golf Rolling Indoor Practice Impact Net)

The GRIPIN (Golf Rolling Indoor Practice Impact Net) is a golf retractable practice impact net.

Once installed in your garage or in a room you just have to press the open/close button on the remote control to Open or close your GRIPIN.

You can play, with your family, friends or alone. No matter what the weather holds.

You do not need to load your car with your golf bag or drive for miles. Just click on your remote control and in a few seconds you can practice your swing.

The GRIPIN is a really great addition for any golfer, does not matter your skill level.

Golf Rolling Indoor PractIce Net
Golf Rolling Indoor PractIce Net
Golf Rolling Indoor PractIce Net
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Golf Rolling Indoor PractIce Net


What is included in my GRIPIN package?

The standard GRIPIN package includes:

  • A white GRIPIN box (w x l x h: 9' x 5 1/2" x 5 1/2") with a white net without any logos/prints

Your GRIPIN is warranted for 2 years.
You can customize your net to a black net instead of our standard white net or tou the white net with projector screen quality for an extra cost.

How to install my GRIPIN?

Easy to follow step by step instructions included. The most important part of the installation is fasten the housing of the GRIPIN into your ceiling studs (pre-drilled holes are made in the housing of the GRIPIN). Then plug your GRIPIN to a power source.
The GRIPIN is delivered with a 24' cord with plugin. You do not need an electrician

Could I install my GRIPIN anywhere?

You could install the GRIPIN anywhere if you follow the installation guide:

  • Ceiling at least 9' height. Over 10' you will have add the extra feet to your order to make it long enought.
  • At least 3' clearance behind the Net
  • Make sure to have enough space to do a full swing in height and depth.

Could I buy a GRIPIN if my ceiling is higher than 10 feet?

Yes, no problem, however, a longer net height is required.
When you place your order please add in the "Extra Net" option the different height between 10' and your actual ceiling height.
Ex. If your ceiling is 12' add 2' to the "Extra Net" option.
We will customize your Net to match your needs.

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Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding our GRIPIN. You may contact us by sending us an e-mail.